Monday, January 12, 2009

ski bunny

Chris, me, Jeremy, and Kitty went skiing/snowboarding at 7 Springs this weekend. Before my lessons, I was absolutely horrible [I'm a first timer so I'm glad I took the ski lessons!]. Once I knew what I was doing my instructor said I was ready to skip the bunny slopes and go on the mountain[dun dun dun!!!]. Going down that huge thing was probably one of the scariest moments of my life [lol]. It had rained earlier so everything was super icy [which made it way harder to slow down & stop]. I only fell down the mountain once and it was the first few seconds I was heading down so I'm very proud of my very nonathletic self! I don't have any videos of me going down, but I'm guessing I looked a lot like Serena [Sailor Moon-the blonde] does in this episode-minus the evil Negaverse creepazoid.

Here are some pictures of the trip!

me before my lesson teehee

my bahboo, Chris!

Chris and I winding down

Overall, it was a pretty fun trip!


peeeels said...

hahaha so now ur sailermoon with magical powers

cuteseas said...

lol minus that as well :)