Friday, March 6, 2009

fish n' chips

Since Spring and Summer are right around the corner, I've been thinking about buying some new comfy and airy sandals to frolic about in. I found these and now I can't decide on which ones to pick. I really want some simple white-ish gladiators like the Miss Me Star ones on Lulu [the white ones below], but I haven't had any luck on finding them.

Oh well, I'm in love with these 3 just as much. I just need help choosing!

I need opinions please.

Since I'm blabbing about things I want, I thought I would show you all these!

They are glow in the dark fish! A Taiwanese scientist injects these colorless rice fish with 2 proteins [one extracted from a jellyfish and the other extracted from coral] and voila! Glow in the dark fishies! Just think about having a ton of these in a huge tank?! Ahh, amazinggg! Ok I'll stop talking nerd and let you guys get back to your weekend! Hope it's a great one!


ana b. said...

My personal fave is the last sandal. It's different from the others! The braid detail is really cute. But whichever one looks best on your foot is the one you should get!

alissa said...

I was going to say the second-to-last pair but looking at them more I have to say the last one. Theyre more timeless and simple.

Tina { Luphia Loves... } said...

i love the 2nd of the 4th! :)

cheerwinelife said...

those fish are amazing! oh my goodness. i would be so envious of you if you had even one of them! haha. i like the last sandal. i was acutally looking at simalar ones. haha. yeay for spring time!