Monday, June 8, 2009


Sunday Funday was unfortunately a bust this weekend. The concept we were testing out needs a little bit more practice on our part, but we plan on perfecting it this week! Other than that, the weekend was wonderful! We ate plenty of French macarons and I tried hummus for the first time and I loved it! Did you all have a wonderful weekend? I hope so! Do you have anything exciting going on this week? Chris and I are supposed to start looking for places this week. I'm very excited and I hope it goes by well!

P.S. Devon Aoki is on fire in this new edi from Vogue Nippon. Wouldn't you agree?


dolldust said...

Yes, I like her puffy hair.

Anonymous said...

I'm always in two mindsa about these pics ...on one hand I find them a bit sordid and the hand-licking kinda grosses me, but on the other hand Devon is making some amazing shapes and I kinda like the settings!

Ah I dunno!lol!

lavelle said...

oh i like the 'cat' thing. She looks very feline and the poses work really well!