Monday, October 26, 2009

acne paper #8/recap

I'm sad to see the weekend go. I had such a lovely weekend consisting of the following:

-Chris making me breakfast in bed [french toast & bacon mmm]
-I finally had the chance to get my dark lipsticks for the fall months. I picked "Media" [a dark berry] & "Diva" [a dark burgundy] from MAC.
-I got my hair done and changed my streaks to a dark dark brown with a little hint of violet. I like it and Chris loves it. My hair is so ready for fall.
-I found my polka dotted tights at Nordstrom!!! FINALLY.

I think that about raps it up my weekend goodness! Now, yesterday, I was browsing the magazines at B&N and actually came across a something good! It was the Acne Paper #8 Summer issue. Why I had not seen this there earlier is way beyond me. It was probably hidden on some top secret shelf where all the good magazines probably are or maybe the state of Virginia gets good magazines in super late. Who knows. I had seen almost the whole mag. online through forms, but seeing it in person is way better. I loved the Sarah Moon and Tim Walker editorials the most!!! I'm thinking about going back today and buying it to add to my ever growing magazine collection.

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