Monday, January 4, 2010

the holidays

Oh my! What a break! The holidays treated me well this year. I ate [and still am eating] lots of goodies, opened a lot of great presents, and I had the chance to spend some time with some special people. How did your holidays go? Tell me about your presents! My favorite present was my puppy, Aida. She's quite the doll. I took some pictures of some of the things I got for Christmas for you all!

BCBG wedges

Kate Spade bag

the softest cashmere cardigan ever

I also got some trouser pants, a Nintendo DS [with The Wizard of Oz game!], some books [Pride and Prejudice and Zombies & a Betty Crocker cookbook], and more clothes and things. Tomorrow, I get another present too! It's a Cuisinart stainless steel cookware set. I'm way to excited for this. I've been thinking about all these things I want to cook in my new set. I've even invited a couple of people to come and eat too haha! Looks like I'm going to be quite the chef for the next couple of weeks. Tell me about your holidays! Does anyone have any New Years resolutions? I've been thinking about mine. Maybe I'll post them sometime haha!

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TheMinx said...

very cute cardigan and bag :)