Thursday, December 9, 2010

playing catch up

Wow...It's been a while since my last post! I've been crazy busy lately with school and the day to day activities that have been thrown my way. Now the holidays are here...Lord have mercy on my soul! Here is a little picture catch up. Oh, and I'll try and be a good girl and post more often!


In November, Deanna with Adhesive Fashion & One Stop Pin Up came to visit us! Here are some of the pictures we came up with.

Chris also wanted to take some pictures that day too...


Other things that happened in November include: seeing The Morning Benders play at the Black Cat [ swoon times 1 million ], my 26th birthday, & visiting my family for Thanksgiving!

On to December!

Last week a fine fellow named Michael Woodward wanted to take some pictures. Here is one that we really liked from that shoot. You like???

I'll have to fill you all in on some of the goodies I've acquired in between then some other time! Anyone excited for the winter holidays? I know I am! What do you guys want for Christmas???

1 comment:

Dhalia said...

Love the pics Candace....they look great.

Happy Holidays to you and Chris!