Monday, May 2, 2011

the air smells sweet

I know. I was kinda skeptical about the Hello Kitty perfume at first too. Well, let me tell shouldn't be!!! I'm pretty sure this is my new favorite scent that's out right now. I also think it's perfect for the Spring and Summer months. With notes like cassis sorbet, Italian mandarin, apple, magnolia blossom, freesia, orange flower, tonka bean, vanilla, and musk you get a little bit of floral, fruity, and smooth vanilla all in one. It's the best of all worlds if you ask me. Plus, the bottle is adorable! On another sweet note - I'm getting my hair did tomorrow. Hello ombre hair...I will get to meet you atlast.

1 comment:

Indigo said...

ooo it may be worth trying this out! X