Friday, December 18, 2009

the youth as we know it

Lately, I've been looking around for a good eye cream. I've tried Clarins and Mario Badescu eye creams and just wasn't very satisfied. I took my quest for "the perfect eye cream" to Sephora and the lady that helped me out there was just raving about this anti-aging eye cream from Bliss. She kept going on and on about how you can instantly see results, how it has the top 10 anti-aging ingredients and yada yada yada. I'm a little skeptical at this point, so I asked for a sample and decided if this product is just that great, I'll see for myself. I've been using my sample for about 3 days now and I already can see a difference!!! My eyes are much brighter and the little dark circles I did have are gone! I really love this stuff!!! I'm adding it to my Christmas list asap! This eye cream gets two thumbs up from me.

bliss - the youth as we know it

P.S. I hope everyone has a great weekend and we only have 1 more week til Christmas! Let's get excited!


Becky said...

I'm terrible about using eyecream, I will for a few months, once I run out I forget about it. I'm sure you are NOT wrinkly at all, but I get the preventiveness :)
I put spf 1000 on my face lol

coco said...

nice blog!