Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Phyto Phytodensium Mask

I admit that I'm a hair product junkie. I will try try try until I find the perfect product usually no matter what the cost is. Hair is sacred. Treat it right and it will treat you right...most of the time. Well, I found this hair mask by Phyto and I decided to try it out. This mask made my hair so silky smooth and lush. Plus, it didn't weigh my long locks down. I would give this product 2 thumbs up!

On another note, I just recently discovered that my sacred mascara is going to be discontinued. I have been using this stuff for 7 years and now I'm just distraught that they are doing this to me. Does anyone know any super good mascaras? I was thinking about trying Dior's DiorShow Mascara or Bare Escentuals Buxom Lash Mascara.

Please don't let this be the end to my killer lashes!


cheerwinelife said...

I use cheap-o Rimmel London mascara. Max Volume Flash has been working for me pretty well. You can find it anywhere and its only six bucks.

Becky said...

you are too precious!! I recently dyed my hair dark during the fall/winter = bad decision! Now it's almost the blonde I want, but it's so fragile :( Maybe I'll give the Phyto mask a try!
Your lashes are killer!

Blicious said...

wow your lashes are so long and pretty! jealous! boo for the mascara being discontinued. :(

Courtney said...

What are you using now? I tried Bare Escentuals and it never "set". It stayed almost wet and got all over me. I just bought a tube of CoverGirl LashBlast Length... don't buy that either. I liked the regular LashBlast, but this one SUCKS!