Monday, February 1, 2010

weekend review

Where I live the weather is so unpredictable, usually the weather man can't even do it. This weekend we were promised snow and we were all skeptical. Well, to our surprise, it really did snow a good amount! Finally I get some snow to play in! So the weekend for me consisted of snowball fights, snuggling, movies, and junk food. I also took some pictures of it with my Diana [I'll share those when they come back!]. What a great lazy weekend! Did anybody else get snow?

Aida went out in the snow after I bundled her up in 2 sweaters and shoes. Gotta make sure my girl is warm!

Here are some pictures I took of the icicles on our balcony railing.


Staci said...

Yes! We got a ton of snow here in western Oklahoma! Almost too much. I've left the house only three times since Wednesday!

jpopprincess86 said...

OMG That Poor Dog!! LMAO
Dad said poor aida lol

3 o'clock walk said...

omg those boots! haha they are amazing.