Monday, May 31, 2010

photo adventure

Saturday, Chris and I decided to go wander around in First Landing State Park. I took some pictures. He took some pictures. We had a fun time and we walked a very very long ways! I got a couple mosquito bites too...blechh. Anyway, here are some of the pictures that are from his camera. I'll be dropping off my roll of film this week, so we will be able to see what I captured within the next couple of weeks!

[what Chris took and edited]

[what I took on his cam & played with]

[some that he took & I played around with]

one of my "new" vintage hats, h&m dress, my lovely lady diana

[one I took of Aida after the adventure!]


Signe said...

Great pictures!

lavelle said...

these photos are beautiful xx

Dhalia said... guys are soooo cute Candace.

Fuji Files said...

Magical! Lovely dress and nice to see you actually wear those great vintage hats!

xx Cristina

loucieee said...


Influential Drive said...

lovely pictures!! the dress is absolutely beautiful and the hat makes the outfit look complete!
you're dog is so cute!!

check out our blog and comment if you get the chance :

lily and sophie x x

Malu said...

I love these photos, and you've got a great blog:D


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