Monday, June 28, 2010

living proof

When it comes to hair products, especially hairspray, I'm the person to come to. I've only had two favorite hairsprays in the last five years and now I have found my third favorite. I give you Living Proof Hold Flexible Hairspray! It's never stiff, protects against humidity, fights the frizzies, and has a great hold. This super awesome Living Proof spray will now be replacing my beloved Pureology hairspray.

My favorite 3.

1. Living Proof Hold Flexible Hairspray

2. Pureology InCharge Plus Hairspray

3. Big Sexy Spray and Play Harder Hairspray

Since I'm on the subject, I'm getting my hair done tomorrow and I have no idea what I want to do! Danggg. I guess we will see!


Tracey said...

i decided to follow you. cute blog. i dont know if you'v heard of AirControl by Aveeda. its fantastic. i got it put it my hair at a fashion show and i've fallen in love!!! i didnt want to wash it out. Im not sure where your located, but Aveeda is in The united states. they are their own institute and create their own products. check it out

Lindsay With An "A" said...

Ohhh glad I saw this post! With my curly hair, I am always in search of the perfect hair spray! Thanks for sharing :)

Chelsey Barnes said...

I love pureology hairspray!! It makes my hair smell so delish!

cuteseas said...

pureology has awesome products :)