Tuesday, August 10, 2010

ze bleu

Since Chris took me to such a wonderful dinner, I decided I would make him a little something something[don't I usually cook anyways, you ask? yes! yes! now shhhh!]. I know one of his favorite meals that I make is chicken cordon bleu, so I made that since it's been forever since the last time I made it. I follow this recipe, but I usually cut back on the salt. It's a little different, but still very tasty.

This picture right here has nothing to do with the dinner I prepared, but I did find it humorous that the banana I ate yesterday had a smiley.

*Oh! I'm going to take this off the food subject and let you all know that I set up my Etsy store [again]! I added PayPal [finally] to make it easier for everyone. So check it out here!


Indie.Tea said...

O YUM...your hamless chicken cordon bleu looks delicious...(especially 'cause I don't eat ham and so the recipe sounds very very appealing)....I bet it tasted really good.

Dhalia said...

looks tasty...

The link isnt working for the Etsy page