Monday, February 2, 2009

Je t'aime

...sigh...It's February, that hated & loved month. I personally LOVE it! I'm such a "hopeless romantic" it's almost ridiculous. Since it is the month of love, I thought I would start this month off with sharing some luuuvvv. Teehee! So to all of you "Valentines Day is a holiday made up by Hallmark" kids, please return to your sad grouchy dark corners.

The blog of love!

What kind of special things do you have planned for your beau on Valentines Day? Since it is on a Saturday this year, maybe breakfast in bed? Or maybe dozens of cut out hearts for each day that you two have been together? [found here]

Here is a video I found this morning that I think would go perfect with today's post.

Enjoy lovelies.


setyourselfonfire said...

email me your details and i'll send you mine back and we can do a swap?

i will need a little bit of time to get cute things together and make it all pretty. especially if i am sending a few packages! but i am keen as a bean :) hehe yay! i love getting stuff in the mail!

Ashley Goes Vintage said...

This shall be my first valentine's alone after 4 years of being in a relationship! Single day. I might sleepover at a friend's or stay up watching romantic chick flicks while drinking my hot cocoa

cuteseas said...

Yes, Ashely you def. should!!! See, Valentines Day isn't just for couples. It's for anyone that you love or care about including best friends! :)