Friday, February 13, 2009


Smitten would very much describe how I'm feeling right now. My hunny sent me a dozen of red roses this morning! What a nice little surprise! They instantly cheered me up and brightened my day. I'm so in looove with him and I'm so in love with Smitten by Stephanie. I've seen her work a while back and I thought today would be a perfect day to show case it! So enjoy.

P.S. 1 more day til Valentines Day! :D:D:D teehee

Hope you all have a wonderful wonderful [& romantic ooh la la] weekend!!!


Tina said...

gorgeous flowers! so sweet of him to surprise you! my boyfriends asks me every year, "do you want some flowers?", the answer is always yes of course! :)

cuteseas said...

Of course of course! hehehehhe

maisie #1 and #2 said...

"the concrete essence of the moon" one is adorable.

happy valentines day too! i think i'm the worst supporter of valentines day ever... my boyfriend is at someone else's holiday house and we haven't spoken in a week. but i'm at home with my mum because it's her birthday, so it's all sweet! :)

xo/maisie #1

cuteseas said...

Maybe he might call today to wish you a Happy Valentines Day? Valentines Day is for all the people you love and care about! I hope your day with your mom is a fantastic one! :)