Thursday, February 5, 2009

work in progress 2

Last night I worked on a new addition/series to my Cute-Sea World! I want to do a series of different clouds and I decided to start with Stormie[since Spring is on it's way, I thought it would be appropriate!] Here is what I have so far!

This weekend I would like to add Stormie's rain drops, stuff him and sew him up! I have a commissioned project I need to start on this weekend. A friend asked me if I would make a Domo[his gf loves Domo] out of the fabric from their old couch. The couch is where him and his girlfriend had their first kiss and he will be giving this to her for Valentines Day! How sweet, huh?


ANGELICA! said...

oh my gosh, stormie is the cutest thing i have ever seen in my life, ever!!

cuteseas said...

:) thanks! i hope you will like him when he's finished!