Tuesday, February 10, 2009

times a ticking

Stormie's current condition

Domo's current condition

I'm pretty much on time with getting these bad boys done. I just need to stuff them full of fluff and sew them up! I still think the Domo idea was very cute and creative. I hope his lady friend loves it. Valentines Day is in 5 more days and I seriously can't wait [lol]. Check out the Love Story Clutch by Marc Jacobs[buy it here]. Perfect for Valentines Day, wouldn't you agree? Sooo cute!

card from UO

Marc Jacobs Love Story Clutch, wood you be mine? Please?! [teehee]


ANGELICA! said...

oh gosh, that clutch really is amazing. but not as amazing as stormie! whenever i look at stormie i get sad because he is crying, but then he is just so cute that i can't stay sad! i can't wait to see stormie when he is done!
<3, angelica

giggleness said...

so cute!

cuteseas said...

thanks :)

Light and Writing said...

Hehe! That is an adorable play on words! Lovely finds!